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JAB - President of Airtight Assembly Entertainment Lyricist/Composer

Jab is a versatile artist, from Washington, D.C., with serious lyrics, a complex style and strong delivery. He is a certified street spokesman who expresses his views on life, politics and controversial issues. Jab’s global reach extends beyond the United States to South Africa, Germany, U.A.E. and Thailand. His website makes it possible for Jab to reach the rest of the world with his music.

Jab is a writer, composer and the President of Airtight Assembly Entertainment.
On his debut album, “Code Red” the Album, Jab has put together a diverse collection of songs utilizing a mix of live and digital instrumentation that the world is sure to embrace.

Dread Isaiah - Rapper/Lyricist/Airtight Assembly Entertainment Artist

Dread is a native of Washington, DC with a global perspective on life. Dread seeks to deliver his message of empowerment as well as entertain with songs like “Deepest Thoughts” and “Salty Tears” to name a few.

Dread is a gifted lyricist with a poetic flow who writes from the heart and his experiences. Dread Isaiah sings, writes and produces with a sound that is destined to make its presence known in the music world.

In addition to being an Airtight Assembly Entertainment, Dread is also CEO and founder of 247 Grind Records. Dread is quick to say that he is inspired by JAH (i.e. God) as well as past and present artist and music itself.

Chung - Composer/Producer

Emotional is a way to describe Chung’s music another way, from the heart. Most of his work has been with local artists from the DC and Baltimore area in Maryland. His music captures memories, emotions, and stories which eventually led to the collaboration with Jab and Airtight Assembly Entertainment. Together they have put together numerous tracks that portray life and its struggles and as he says, “none of that mickey mouse rap". Emotional tracks with deep lyrics, that’s music. That’s what stays in the heart.” Chung recently has stepped away from production, but his passion for music still burns. When the time is right, he plans to return to producing with his focus on Christian Rap.

honeychile - singer/songwriter


a truly gifted artist who seeks to uplift and inspire with her unique musical style. Her smooth melodic voice invites you to go on a faith filled journey. Her lyrics define her spiritually in a contemporary and approachable way.

On her debut album, "Balance" she has put together a diverse collection of songs utilizing a mix of digital and live instrumentation. Songs like "Resurrection" and "Listen" are destined to redefine the Contemporary Christian genre.

She will tell you that she has been inspired by many Contemporary Christian, as well as R&B, popular music, and even blues artists, but her most lasting and greatest inspiration comes from her deep and abiding faith in the Creator.