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February 10, 2012

Nice to see your work up here bro! Good stuff all around my dude, deep.


July 9, 2011

nice, thumbs up


June 4, 2011

love your music


May 4, 2011

I like the song last words very inspirational. I will support and I will pass it on to DSU.


April 16, 2011

Enjoyed the video beautiful message!


March 20, 2011

Hey Jab and Honey what's up, I like the video! I know it's been more than a minute but I see your grind never stops!


March 8, 2011

gotta keep it airtight homie i be home from vagas on da 16th im ready to get back to work my nigga no beez lol

Mike Cross

February 16, 2011

Man it's great to see your web site. And I saw the link to The World's Largest Rap Contest.... Good look, I love to see you are still supporting.


November 17, 2010

Enjoyed the video and music.. much success to you.


October 21, 2010

High praise on the site!

hey this keisha

August 16, 2010

hey jab this keisha how r u doing long time no see call me when u get a chance heard u was blowing up what up hit me up number is still the same


July 21, 2010


Looking good!! The video was deep...

D (dehmarian)

July 14, 2010

sik video jab

Kelli Willis

July 7, 2010

Hey Big Bro love the video, keep up the GREAT work, you will go far. Luv YA


May 30, 2010

What up Jab...this shoot was like dat. Just like the last one. Dem groopies was pushin up on..Ya man it was off the chain...Don't forget to call me when you do it again.


May 25, 2010

Hey,the verdict doesn't matter now, because my court case for distribution was dismissed.
I'm ready to finish my album and include a song with Jab!
That's my CEO nigga!
Let's get back in that booth until we get our WKYS 93.9 - WPGC 95.5 on.


February 28, 2010

Hey Jab. It was good to see you the other day. You still looking so good. Good luck with the new album. Your video shoot was awesome. Can't wait.


January 3, 2010

wzup homie

Other Jay

July 22, 2009

Loving that last words and Listen from HoneyChile the most. Welcome some haters.

Ellz / 2009

January 23, 2009

HEY!!! "I'm glad to see Jab making an impact with his single debute plus a second solo album atempt with Code Red Vol.No.2".

Jab Look up Say Cheese!

"I'm still rolling with my peoples AirtightAssembly".
"Peace to all the Baltimoare and D.C. Radio Stations that supported Code Red and H-Town for showing Jab some favor".


January 19, 2009

Hi, i'm schoooler

I’m new to the forum and just saying hello.


January 18, 2009

pLhSe6 hi! how you doin?


November 21, 2008

wats good boy this is rick from taste of jamaica


November 12, 2008

good site. Continue also.


November 11, 2008

Hello! Good site, simply super!


October 21, 2008

O'kay Hallah Airtight !!!
"I'm expecting to drop a new album soon".

"But first I'm going to Party for New Years 2009 with JAB's Code Red album on the world wide web at ".

Mz. Fee

October 1, 2008

What's good Airtight Assembly, I see ya doing big things. Love your style and swagger. Can't wait to hang out with you again when you come back to H-town. Make sure you tell everyone to tune in to where it is always a party and we support independent artists and labels. Keep doing your thing baby.
Mz. Fee the First Lady

Standing Ovation Public Relations Agency,LLC.-Houston,TX.

September 20, 2008

This is really deep. I did not know rap of this nature could exist. This is so different and the South needs to hear this. The World rather. Wow!! What will I do with an Artist of this magnitude? Press kits are available for review. This is so deep. This is deeper than anything I've ever heard from the former conscious former rap group "Public Enemy." "An explorative reinvention of the mind through Code Red CD"--Erica L. King,Publicist/Commentary


September 9, 2008

did you get to 1 mil yet? Get it ya'll


August 30, 2008

What up?


July 7, 2008

Whats up JAB, check yourself out.... u artist of the month on

Loneta -aka- LadySilke

June 24, 2008

Houston is looking forward to seeing you again...

Jon D

June 8, 2008

Sounds good man.

March 24, 2008



March 22, 2008

i see the page is looking HOT! Good luck and i know you gon make it....ur BOB and dem N*g@#S is titos lol...JOB from the sprint store


January 17, 2008


richie rich

November 25, 2007

I see ya my nig. I been tellin' aiy body bout dis joint. I know yall sales went up...where my cut? ha ha ha...sike I dont want nuthin' i just wanna see yall make it big.


November 8, 2007

dis bluntz 4 U


October 31, 2007



October 20, 2007

I luv U

miss passion

October 13, 2007

hey love u know who this .....maria a.k.a miss passion

black ass

September 29, 2007

...blackass like uh huh


September 29, 2007

keep doin' ya'll thang homie


September 13, 2007 how you spell impressed

mickey fickey

September 4, 2007

Ya'll worldwide now...don't forget about us


July 26, 2007

i got mine...damn its hot!!!

BiGD aka Enhantz

June 26, 2007

Jab whats up! Honey what's up music is hot, keep doing your thing! holla at me


May 24, 2007

What more can you expect now?
I'm still devoted to my music.
The harcore is seting in and I wanna know how they gon act!
Dey don't wan't it.I don't care what dey say on any album.
It,s too much! Jab! (CODE RED)


May 16, 2007

dat joint hot

ell / 2007

February 5, 2007

Yo! Y'all did it though and it's still going down.Having dat unique sound with powerful lyricist there to support you is a really tremendous thing.I had to letcha know.It's CODE RED !!!!!!!

Angela Curtis

January 18, 2007

Hey Honey,

Go head w/ your bad self....much success to you and JAB...I am sharing with my family and friends.

John Book

January 10, 2007

purchase a few copies of this: one for yourself and others to give out to those who need a wake up call

mc stinger

January 1, 2007

I'm starting New Years with a bang. "it's code red yall".

Ray Watkins

January 1, 2007

...all yall need to cop dat. Big ups to indies...its like dat yo!